Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh, reckless abandon like no one's watching you

Went shopping today for my happy mail recipients. :] I hope you'll love the mail love that will be coming your way soon! (though I'll apologize in advance, they might not be sent out until Monday or Tuesday, it's a crazy weekend coming up! Father's day, my parents' anniversary, and my brother's birthday! yeeesh!)

(To those of you who are sick of reading my blog posts on love... I regret to tell you that here you will find another one. You have been warned.)

So today I was talking about what I want in a guy with my mom (one of those rather rare heart-to-heart completely serious boy talks), and I am simply a younger version of her. I sort of forgot that she was so involved with the hippie scene, which is pretty much being revived right now just under the terms "indie" and "hipster", so when she started listing all the characteristics in a guy that I love, I was reminded of that. ;) I was describing him to her when she said "oh... and of course his idea of a good honeymoon would be taking his camper out west and camping out under the stars." AHHH! Mommy! How did you know??! Here were some of the things I came up with...

-into music
-would be happy to spend the day in an art museum
-READS (this is a biggie... I don't know WHY this is, but guys who read just seem scarce nowadays...books have been thrown by the wayside in favor of xbox and football. we're not going to get into how this makes me feel... *fumes*)
-likes camping and hiking
-is not absolutely obsessed with football (soccer would be okay... just NOT football....)
-can totally pull off a beard :)
-loves his family
-and, more importantly, loves nothing so much as GOD
-plays a musical instrument. Preferably piano or a stringed instrument. And singing would just be an added plus ;)
-plaid plaid plaid. PLAID. (need I say more?)
-can be jealous
-laid back, but able to hold his own in an argument
-could spend a week out in the wilderness and not be reliant on technology
-appreciates a nice vintage wine every so often ;) (beer is icky.)
-will sit and listen to me playing piano without getting bored (this isn't a me being vain thing... well, maybe it is a bit... but I just feel like I need this. Because I really need someone who can listen to me play. Forever. Not just in admiration, but just accepting of the fact that when I sit down at the bench, it's like I'm stuck there. I'm completely absorbed. I just have to keep playing. And I just have to play for someone else, it sounds so much better when I'm trying to play for someone)
-wants to build our own house. Hopefully up in a tree somewhere. :)

I'm usually very anti-making lists about things like this, because it seems that I'll start falling in love with this imaginary guy that is just too good to be true... which is probably true. I'm not sure I'll EVER find a guy as perfect as the one described above... I just don't know if it's possible that there is a guy like that out there. So this isn't my "LIST", they're just things that would be extra wonderfulness. If I can find someone at ALL out there who will love me for who I am with all his heart, I'll feel like the luckiest girl int he world. I'm still waiting for that guy. Hopefully he's saying the same about me. :)

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  1. I. Love. This. Post. Like, that's EXACTLY what I want too! And I have 99% of it in my man. Here's hoping you find your 100% :)