Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mail love!

Today I opened my mailbox and had maaailll!! :D
It was from the lovely recipient of my accessory swap, and she wrote me a very sweet letter telling me how much she liked the stuff I sent :) It makes me so happy to send people stuff!

I also got my happy mail letters a few days ago. Both of the girls I got paired up with are so sweet, I can't wait to send them more letters and packages!

My favorite part of one of the letters..... BEAUTY AND THE BEAST STAMP!! I really want Disney stamps now...

The sad thing about sending mail over blogs is... you never know what will happen. Last month two of the swaps I entered I was super excited to send people stuff and, okay yes, I'll admit it was also exciting to get something back too. ;) But nothing ever turned up. :( I tried contacting the people who organized the swaps to see if something had somehow gone wrong, and both of them told me a lot of people had been telling them that they had sent their package, but not gotten one in return. Sad! Hopefully the same thing didn't happen with the ones I sent out! :\ But in all honesty, I just was glad to be able to send someone some happiness in their mailbox, and I hope it made their day a little bit better. :D


  1. YAY!! I'm glad it made you happy! I love doing these swaps. Happy Mail is my first one. I think we'll have to continue sending postcards even after this is over. :)

    I would be sad if my partner didn't participate either. I wonder why people would sign up and not participate.

  2. Yeah, we definitely should! :)

  3. Glad you were able to receive my package for the CD Mix Swap.

    Also, a blog award for you!

  4. Heyyy that's me! :D I'm glad it got to you. AND I'm soooo happy you loved the Beauty & the Beast stamp! FEEL SPECIAL, because it was my LAST one!!! I had a feeling you would appreciate it (maybe it's the same name thing? hehe)

    You know, I feel so bad... I wrote to my recipient of a giveaway a couple months ago to make sure she got it, since I didn't hear from her.. Turns out she didn't! I feel just awful... I guess it got lost in the mail, or was taken from her mailbox? I'm so bummed :( I'm going to send her a little something again, but still. It's too bad some people don't follow through, but I bet some of them have to be lost-in-the-mails like mine? Hah, I hosted a mini gift exchange, where I'd send people something but a few haven't sent me anything back even though they thanked me for getting mine! :( Sad

    P.s. I'd like to be penpals!

  5. YAY! So would I. :) As I was reading your letter, the similarities struck me even more!! Even BEYOND our favorite colors being purple, and having the same name! ;) I'll save them for your next letter, but I just want to say I'm SO jealous that you have a musical theatre major and that you have an Aussie boyfriend. ;) And Australia?!? My dream place to visit...


  7. I know!!!! We should be mail buddies! :)

  8. cute blog! love it :)