Thursday, June 10, 2010

if you are 5 words then you're afraid to be the one, if i am 4 words then i am needing of your love.

right now.....

watching: Moulin Rouge (first time! I'm so excited. it's been on my to-watch list for months, I just never got a hold of it at the library. Now I'm going easy way out and streaming it.. *cough* online... I might recap what I thought of it later...)
reading: the Boy in the Striped Pajamas
listening to: Some People Have Real Problems by Sia. (My favorite of her albums. if you've never heard of her... GO GIVE IT A LISTEN. Crazy, crazy, pure talent. I love the rawness of her voice. New album coming out in a little less than two weeks, eek!!! can't wait.)
obsessing over: paisley prints

edit: so I'm pretty sure all of my headings just tripled in size... not really sure how this happened... but looks good, no? I think I'll leave it like that.


  1. Oh! Moulin Rouge! That was a really odd movie. May I suggest Chicago? :)

  2. Yes, it DEFINITELY was. Baz Luhrman... man, that guy is crazy! It was an intense movie. I don't know if I'd say I actually liked it.. but it definitely played with my emotions. I cried a lot.

  3. i love moulin rouge! :D so good.

  4. You are so going to love Moulin rouge!

    And, thanks for the comment. I had seen the pictures of your hair and loved it! Maybe next summer. Because I want a drastic change but I'm sure I'll chicken out or something. Thanks. :)