Monday, June 28, 2010

My weekend in [a LOT of] pictures

First, I've extremely overdue on my happy mail pictures... (every time I write happy mail I feel like I'm writing happy meal... and it makes me think of McDonald's... so strange...)

Brandilyn sent me a cute package with vintage fabric, a funky glass ring that I can't wait to wear, beautiful old postcards, and a yummy bar of ghirardelli caramel and milk chocolate.

I added the postcards to my ever-growing postcard collection. I want to start putting them on the walls, but so far this is all I have up.

Marci sent me this lovely collection of goodies, it was such a nice surprise getting it in the mail :) I knew it was coming of course, but I didn't know that she would send me so many wonderful things!

She sent me pretty fabric in my favorite colors, a mini journal with a bird on the front, ring and bracelet, blue thread, postcards, a crocheted headband with yellow buttons, GIRAFFES, a giraffe charm (my favorite!) whale cards (also my favorite), a cute little coin purse, and a bunting with my name on it that she made herself! I don't know if she did it on purpose, but it's in yellow, turquoise, and purple (my three favorite colors). :)

It was too fun doing these giveaways, thanks so much you guys! :)


This weekend one of my best friends from school came to visit me :] We went to my two favorite places in the whole world (within an hour's distance, of course). I "borrowed" my dad's camera for the pictures because it's such a dream to use...

I want to be married here.

(isn't her hair gorgeous? I couldn't stop taking pictures of it...)

I have an obsession with taking pictures of feet.... =]

I just love how the colors turned out in this one.


  1. I love the makeover you did to your blog. it's my favorite color and just so adorable. thanks for the wonderful weekend :) can't wait to see you Wednesday. mucho amore.

  2. Wow, I love your new theme on your blog! It's awesome!

    And you're a wonderful photographer :)

  3. I am so glad you liked your goodies. I had so much fun looking for fun stuff to send you. :) Your weekend pictures are amazing!!! You picked some very pretty places.
    Your blog looks really pretty. I love all the yellow!!! :)

    p.s. I did pick those colors on purpose. Just for you. :)

  4. Those pictures are super great. :)

  5. I'm glad to see you received so many awesome things in the mail and had such a nice weekend. It was so much fun seeing all the pictures, especially the last one is just stunning!

    Thanks for grabbing my banner, if you have one too I'd love to put it in my sidebar as well. You're blog is amazing:)

    Oh and about the tattoo, if it were me, I'd wait. If you really really want it waiting a little while won't hurt and if it turned out you didn't you'll be glad you waited. If you do go through with it, I'd really love to see it though. And I know what you mean, I tend to faint too;) during things with needles and even once during a hair cut.

    xoxo Laura