Thursday, August 12, 2010

yes, bequeath is a real word.

I was born in the wrong century.
technology annoys me. (we should all write letters)
I've been told I speak much too properly for this time period. (personally I think it's just because I know how to enunciate and I say my t's in words like mountain and Latin, unlike the vast majority of the American public)
I know what the words frivolity, cravat, pelisse, alacrity, felicity, and genteel mean, and how to use them.
I've spent all day wearing full historic garb - petticoats, bloomers, corset, bonnet and all - and thought it was surprisingly comfortable.
I love waving around a handkerchief.
I think men should still kiss hands and bow when introduced. (okay not really... but it's an intriguing idea, is it not?)
I fall in love with nearly every period movie I see. I'd blog about all of them (and maybe I will eventually), but so I don't overwhelm you with hundreds, no, thousands of pictures, we'll just stick with the regency period for today...


ahh, visual love.
So who's got the time machine?


  1. I agree with you :) Just watching Pride and Predjudice makes me jealous that they got to live in that time period (even though, in actuality, they aren't real haha).

    Oh, and by the way, I love the idea of men kissing hands and bowing...but it would be pretty awkward if a guy did that in today's time, wouldn't it? haha

  2. Loving the Austen theme in your photos. Part of me would like it - but as long as I was still able to hold onto my headstrong tomboyish ways as well. Which, although it was in a lot of Austen's writing, wasn't true of the period.

  3. Oh yes, I absolutely, although any time with pretty dresses would do. Middle ages, Jane Austen's time period or even the 50s.
    Wearing fashion from either one of those times is almost worth having to marry someone your family has picked, but I am glad that's not the case nowadays.
    And technology is getting a bit out of hand indeed, but I do love some aspects of it, like blogging:P

  4. The first 1st to the 7th pictures, what movie is that called? My family and I just lllllllloooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee to watch old movies. Is it appropriate for me an 11 yr old girl or a 7 year old girl? I love pride and prejudice (did I spell it right?)

  5. i am not much of an austen fan myself, but yes, there is something terribly appealing about that era. the clothing. the way people conducted themselves. the way they spoke. So much more beauty in that than in our current again.

    *and yes, what was that first movie with Anne Hathaway in it? I didn't recognize that one?

  6. I love all the Jane Austen movies, and I have already read Sense and Sensibility. I still haven't seen Pride and Prejudice, but am going to.

    And also, I just love Becoming Jane. Seriosly. Love it. :)

  7. All I can say about this post is yum :D

    (PS Technology also annoys me)

  8. You're making me think of sense and sensibility! Love that movie :)

    I agree with you on so many levels. I have a reverence for proper english, and I wish for the dismissal of some really annoying slang (although I like some). I yearn for the days when women didn't show off every part of their body to be accepted and beautiful! And yes, technology, ESPECIALLY handheld tech., reallllllly annoys me!

  9. @Jodie - a bit odd, yes, but I think I'd still appreciate the chivalry. ;) especially in comparison to some of today's standards.

    @phoenix - ahh, yes, alas no women's rights.

    @blue eyed night owl - the 50's are another of my favorites :] I might blog on it later on... :)

    @Callie - Becoming Jane. It's so, so, soooo good! And as to appropriate content, I'm pretty sure it'd be okay. It's PG, and I do remember a few things that kept me from letting my 8 year old sister watch it, so I guess it might be a good idea to have your parents screen it for your younger sister?

    @Isabella - Becoming Jane. :)

    @Mariella - oh my goodness. Girl. go watch P&P. And I'd advise starting with the original. :] The really really long BBC (or is it A&E?) version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle.

    @Felicia - I know, right? I really hate it when people text constantly in front of me.

    @Ashley - Right on on the modesty issue. It was so much more romantic, when seeing a woman's ankle or shoulder, or even her hair down was such a big deal. Or maybe I'm just silly...
    and people being reliant on their handheld devices is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves.