Wednesday, August 18, 2010

so many things!

okay, so first off....

I finally made blog buttons! yay! they're sort of dorky, because I'm really bad at this sort of thing... but such as they are, please take one. :]

secondly... I was incredibly bored today, and felt inspired... so I made a skirt! :] I've never really done anything beyond repairs, taking in stuff, and making quilts when I was younger, so I'm rather proud of it. :) I'm not gonna lie though, the belt/sash took FOREVER. The edges of the fabric frayed terribly, so I had to hem the sides. And there wasn't enough fabric to make it one piece, so it's about ten 5-inch strips of fabric sewn end to end.
I'm thinking about adding something to the hem. Maybe ric-rac or eyelet?

I've been in a very hellogoodbye/motion city soundtrack sort of mood recently. Music-wise. And I've been finding more cool music that is of a similar vein. And since you all are so cool, and I just need to share my music finds with someone, I'm sharing with you. :]
Jack's Mannequin (who I had heard of a few years ago, but never really got into. anyway, I just heard a few songs of theirs -his?- and loved them!) I especially love Swim and Dark Blue. I know Dark Blue is the most well known song, and normally I hate using those as my favorite song since usually myself and the majority of population don't agree on music, but in this case we do. It's a good song.
The Academy Is... I found out today that this is good sewing music. ;) Also good cleaning music. really it's just good upbeat music for when you're doing something boring. (like cleaning. not like sewing. sewing is never boring!)
The Rocket Summer. I love them! It made me really happy too that a lot of their songs mention God. Don't know if they're actually Christian though, since I thought I heard a song that had some naughty words... (though that might have been the academy is...) absolute favorites are Walls, So Much Love, Do You Feel, Save, and Roses. (I just love so many!!) Do You Feel is just a really good album. I think I've listened to the whole thing 8 times, and I just found them yesterday.
The Cab. One of THOSE Nights and Take My Hand are good ones to start with.

all of this stuff is a lot more punk rock than I usually listen to, but it's been a while since I've listened to anything besides indie and folk, so maybe I'm just getting back in touch with my nonexistent punk side. ;)

This is getting to be a rather long post for something that was supposed to be short. Also looking over it I'm noticing that I am addicted to parentheses, ellipses, smileys, and the words also and anyway... oops! am I the only one who just seems to use certain words all the time? It's not even like they're favorite words (like chicanery, loquacious, and sonorous). they just seem to attach themselves to me and they're all I can write when typing. but speaking of favorite words, what are yours? I'm looking for some new ones. ;)

lastly, I have a question for you guys. recently I've been seeing a lot of blogging pet peeve posts, which are both picky but still hilarious in my opinion. {I probably think they're so picky because a lot of the ones people mention are things that I do all the time! like adding extra letters to words... I do that so much... and improper capitalization... so guilty... I just feel lazy sometimes, and like the way lower case letters look better. more.. casual, I guess.} ANYWAY... one of the peeves I've been seeing a lot that everyone seems to agree with is... automatically playing music on the blog. I was amazed by how many people were of a similar mind, until I realized how terribly frustrating it is when you open 3 or 4 blogs at a time, and hear music... but can't find where it's coming from, so you go back and forth from blog to blog, scrolling up and down looking for the source of the mystery music. Even worse is when multiple songs play at once, resulting in some extremely strange noises that can no longer be called music. I was reading that that can discourage a lot of people from visiting your blog.
BUT... I also really like music! And I like having it on here, because I like sharing some of my favorite songs with people. What would be really awesome is if I could find a manually-starting player, so that way the lovers of silence could peruse my blog without distracting background noise, and the ones who like the music could just hit play and be happy. (if anyone knows of one of those, please let me know! :))

So what's the consensus, y'all? Is the music annoying? Should I take it off? change it to only songs without lyrics? if you love it, let me know. if you hate it, let me know. be harsh. I'm not sensitive. ;)


  1. First - I love the new buttons and I will add one to my page! (I have one on my page if you want to use it!)

    Love the skirt! Did you use a pattern??

    As the music goes - I normally have my computer muted because its in the living room and I watch shows while I blog search or I'm at work and have to have the sound off. When I do have the sound on, I can easily mute it if I don't like the song or don't want all the sound. I kind of feel like the people complaining are just being a little over dramatic. Can't they just take matters into their hands and mute the computer? or stop the song?? BUT that's my opinion! =)

  2. that skirt is SO cute! i wish i could sew... </3

    and i've seen both the academy is.... and jack's mannequin live! they're fantastic bands. i also like the cab; so i will most DEFINITELY be checking out the rocket summer! :)

    and if you like 'dark blue,' you'll LOOOOOVE 'the mixtape.'

  3. Well, first I'll start off by saying I'm taking a button and putting it on my profile. I wish I knew how to make buttons. How do you by the way?

    Secondly, on mixtracks you can change it to a setting where you still have the music on your profile, but it doesn't play unless someone clicks on it. That's what I did cause I thought it was annoying and somebody complained :p

  4. Okay I don't know why I said mixtracks (excuse my brain fart). But wherever you got your playlist from, you can do what I said above(:

  5. First of all, I love the skirt! I wish I had enough talent and patience to make my own clothes.

    Second, if you ever get the chance to see The Rocket Summer live, take it!! They are absolutely amazing in concert, and so freaking talented.

  6. @Velma - I didn't use a pattern, but I also sort of cheated because the fabric I used was at one time a dress, so I didn't have to bother with making darts. It just didn't fit right and wasn't full enough in the skirt, so I just took it apart and started anew!
    And thanks for adding it! :] I'll head over to your blog and take a look around to find your button.

    @Lucy beth - I taught myself a few years ago - it's really not as hard as it seems. The part I find most complicated is using patterns.. ha! they just confuse me. You can always start out sewing stuff like belts and headscarves and satchels, those are all relatively simple things. :] And I'd definitely encourage it, sewing is the best!
    The mixtape? what's that??

    @Jodie - thanks! And there's probably a number of ways to do it, all I did was take a picture I liked, added text with picnik (on facebook), and then resized it on my blog so it was small enough to work as a button. voila! If you can't figure it out, I could always help ya out there. I'm in love with picnik-ing pictures... hehe.
    and thanks for the how to on the playlist!

    @Erin - thanks so much! I can't wait to wear it. :] I really want to start making all of my own clothes, because it's so much cheaper than buying them.
    Ahh, I'd love to see them live, I'll have to keep an eye out for cheap tickets!

  7. skirt is ADORABLE! I sew everything without a pattern.

    and as far as the computer is usually on mute, but when it is not blogs like yours always startle me a bit. Not that i dont like the music. I just forget it is there and it freaks me out when i can actually hear it. haha. :)

  8. thanks for the help :) my buttons are ugly, but whatever haha.

  9. LOVE YOUR SKIRT!!! You made that?!? so cool...

  10. That skirt is....ADORABLE! Make me one. hehe.
    No but really amazing job. You should make more. ;)

  11. love the skirt and love your blog!!! thanks for entering my giveaway :)

    kel x

    p.s - i COMPLETELY agree with you about capitals. i rarely use them on my blog and i figure that if it doesnt bother me (who is in english teacher) then it should be okay! haha!

  12. I think that skirt is super adorable!! I can't sew past clutches, bunting and pillows so you have one up-ed me. :)

  13. Sorry, I always delay commenting on long posts and then forget to do so.
    I did put your banner in my sidebar though.

    That skirt looks great!

    Oh, and about those music players. They usually do annoy me, I often play my own music on the computer when reading blogs and they either blast through it or cut out youtube completely, but it so happens that you have my taste in music, so I don't mind that much.
    What bothers me the most is that it cuts of when you switch between posts or want to comment and then starts over again, just when I'm enjoying it.

    I'd like to have some music on my blog too, but only if I can find one you have to click to play, if I have time to search, and I find one I'll let you know;)

  14. P.S. with all this music talk I totally forgot to ask how you were doing. You haven't blogged in a while and I hope it's because you've been busy with fun things. Hope you are ok!