Tuesday, August 3, 2010

girl in a tree

spent the day out in the treehouse, making friendship bracelets and reading this wonderful book.

it makes me want to start hitchhiking all over the US, and move out west... oh wait! I already wanted to do those things! guess I was just made for the beat life. 

My view... 

BOOOOOOK. I love it. It's so pretty too. I love the color on the back and the photograph on the front (which looks like dreamy Gregory Peck.) can't wait to finish, there are so many others on my shelf... Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is next. 

There were these random construction dudes in the yard next door that kept giving me funny looks. 
What? don't you guys take pictures of yourself reading in your tree house all the time? 

I want queen anne's lace in my hair and bouquet when I get married.

Song I'm listening to: 
Use Somebody (a cover by my very dear friend Bri :] ) 

"boldness be my friend." -Shakespeare


  1. I love Queen Anne's Lace, it always reminds me of my grandmother... although I didn't have the chance to know her, I know it was her favorite flower and that makes me feel like maybe I know her a little anyway!

    And perhaps it was your stunning looks that caught their attention v. thinking you are silly?!

  2. your blog is becoming more and more one of my favorites :) keep up the good work and I love the photos!

  3. if i had a tree house, i would so read in it. :)

  4. I love all those pictures. And I want a tree house now. ;)

  5. What a beautiful place to read a book :)

    Your photos are great!

  6. ah, i want to read that book but could not for the life of me remember the title or author... thanks for the reminder!

  7. Your tree house is tremendous. I have always wanted one. I also want to read that book now. I was a mad friendship bracelet maker when I was 13. I think I should start again :D

  8. Oh my goodness you have a treehouse, I am so jealous. The thought of reading and writing letters in a treehouse makes me giddy with excitement.

  9. You are reading one of the most powerful books in the history of American Fiction. There simply has been no other book that influenced young people as much as On The Road. No rules, just getting out there. Try to remember to write once in a while! :P

  10. I LOVE your blog! :) Thats a giant friendship bracelt, it would take hours to make.