Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow!!! and other ramblings.

It's snowing like crazy out! They're saying we'll get 30 inches or more. We already have about 16-18... I thought I was getting sick of the snow, but if class gets canceled on Monday... I certainly won't be complaining! It does make me sad that I can't go to church on Sunday, though, since I'm pretty sure it'll be canceled, and even if it's not I don't think anyone will be willing to venture out in this snow apocalypse to drive me there. Ah, the joys of being one of ten children and not having a car. I was really looking forward to it because I absolutely love the church I go to here.
I really just wanted to post something. I'm in a fantastic mood. And I don't think I'll be able to sleep. So my only option was.... BLOGGING!!
Speaking of church, I realized yesterday that I'm so much more spiritually alive here than I ever was back at home. Shouldn't it be the opposite? Everyone always told me that it'd be so hard to keep my faith in college because of all the negative influences, but really, seeing all those negative influences has really helped me hold to what I believe in even stronger. And I actually like having my faith challenged at times, because it really does make me even more confident that it is the truth. I'm just glad I'm not having a hard time balancing God on top of everything else that's crazy right now. I'm just so happy here. :) I love the independent and freedom of living on my own, yet with the security of family and loved ones, and knowing that I don't have to fully rely on myself for resources. Would I sound incredibly corny if I said I'm just happy to be alive? (Yes. It would. But I'm going to risk sounding corny because it's absolutely the truth.)
Walking along in my bright red coat and polka dotted boots with the snow falling really makes me feel so happy. Very wintry and just.... I really can't explain it. But it's a wonderful feeling. :)
I did that just now as I was walking back from the first real dance I've been to at college. It was fun, but for only a few reasons... one being that I went with friends, and two being that certain people ended up coming. It would have been much more enjoyable had more dance-able songs been played. And let me clarify.... grinding. is. NOT. dancing. It's really sad how that's the only way people know how to dance anymore. Or even the ones who think grinding is gross, they only know how to dance by bobbing their heads and swaying to the music. Whatever happened to waltzing? Tango? Box step? Swing?
I think this is just further proof that I have been born into completely the wrong time period.
It's late (early?) and I'm thinking I should probably get off the internet before I find some other way to waste time. And I probably should get to bed....eventually... ahh, how wonderful it is to know that it doesn't matter how late you go to bed because you could sleep in the whole next day, if you really wanted to. :]

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