Saturday, February 6, 2010


Nothing feels as wonderfully relaxing as taking a shower right before bed. :)

MAN, I love this movie. I wonder if I can find it online to watch before bed...

Lovin' the snow. But I don't like how it's making me feel Christmas-y all over again. I must admit... today I listened to a Christmas song. AAHH! And I never do that past New Years! I just was feeling so holiday-ish, so I turned on More Than I Asked For by Joy Williams. I do love it. I remember when all she did was Christian hits, and I used to hate her saccharine voice, but she's really matured over the last 5 years or so. Now she's all indie, and I just love her holiday sampler.

Got cute new pjs today, and they're sooo comfy. I also made my bed up with new sheets and made the discovery that my comforter is reversible (I like it better the other way, but oh well. I was in a purple mood). Also, jumping doesn't work too well on dorm beds. :\

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