Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Terrariums and thrifting

I can't wait for summer so I can make a terrarium. I have a newfound love for them, aren't they just incredibly beautiful?

And from one of my favorite blogs, I just found a diy terrarium.

I just don't know where one would find the domes..I think I'll make it my new thrifting goal.

Speaking of thrifting, I found some pretty sweet stuff at the local Goodwill today. Free People shorts (in my size, too! Hurrah!), a cool Anthropologie sweater-vest thing (it looks like it belongs to a suit set, but it's still awesome and I can find some way to wear it), and this silk Banana Republic shirt - brand new with the tags still on.

Sorry about the bad quality, camera was out of commission so my near decade-old phone was the only thing available. 
Everything all together was $8. :) Ahh, I need to get back in the groove, it's been too long since I've done any intense thrifting.


  1. Hi! I too am really into the idea of making a terrarium...must be the fact that I'm sick of winter! You can find ALOT of different glass domes and containers on as well as little animal figurines etc.

  2. Great title - that's just the kind of life I want to live to, full of terrariums and thrifting