Friday, April 9, 2010

Your fingers are keys on the grandest piano

Sick in bed with killer allergies and a sinus infection. Bleh. Being sick in the spring is the worst!

Anyone who participated in One Day Without Shoes yesterday, kudos to you!! I did and it was loads of fun. I got so quickly used to barefeet (just because I'm a wannabe barefoot hippie by nature), but then I started thinking about how crazy it would be to be without shoes every single day, even in the winter. That was the whole point of this day, and I think it's awesome that TOMS started such a worldwide event that everyone could participate in. (If you're unfamiliar with TOMS, check them out online, they're pretty sweet) I'd love to help by buying a pair of their shoes, but they're pretty pricey for a broke college student like me, but I'm saving up for these lovelies.

I'm on a huge Priscilla Ahn kick. Her songs make me so happy. =]

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