Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pieces of my weekend

Amazing butternut squash-potato-corn-ham soup that cannot be described in words. With homemade biscuits. :)

Aren't these so beautiful? I love the greenish-blue ones.

And they turned into this lovely bright yellow omelet. =]

I promise I did other stuff besides eat last weekend. It's just that when I'm at home there's so much amazing food, and so much free time that I can finally use to cook that I have to take pictures of it all. ;)

Me and the sis. (Note to self: Sunscreen is always an alternative to the lobster look.)

My beautiful beautiful sis. I love this one.

Yay oil pastels and prisma colors!!! I felt creative this weekend. :D


  1. I adore your blog. The music that's playing is so peaceful and love the photography!

  2. your blog is so beautiful! i'm glad you commented so i found it:)

  3. the pictures are so cute :) your blog is cute!

  4. Thanks for following and entering my giveaway :) I'm so glad you like the envelopes, I'll post a better picture of them this week, they are pretty cute. Your photos are gorgeous, you look like a model! And also I usually hate music on blogs but your music taste is so wonderful it was a pleasant surprise :)

  5. oh man the music changes and it stays wonderful, you have great taste.