Tuesday, July 20, 2010

new obsessions

first, Mumford & Sons.
awesome. check 'em out.

secondly. I sort of hate myself for this, but... vans.yes, that's right. the ones who make THESE. ew.

but let me show you...

Ahh, aren't they lovely?
I just can't get enough of them...
cute. a little vans-wearing couple.
my favorite are when they're all worn down and dirty. siigh. perfect. they just seem to look better when they're dirty. white ones, especially.

I love them in any shade of blue. and yellow... :] of course.
I thought they couldn't be too terribly expensive, at least not on ebay...
yeah. ugh. cheapest pair I could find was $25. for a pair of used shoes? really? and we all know I'm broke anyway... there goes my dream of having a rainbow colored collection of vans...


  1. its hard to believe they are so expensive... bummer

  2. Okay, this has nothing to do with this blog post but I clicked on your blog Her morning Elegance was on. That is my favorite stop motion ever! And I love stop motion so that's saying a lot!! So, thank you! :)

    I love Vans, too! They are so wonderful! I would love to have a pair in every color, but, like you I have no money right now either. Maybe someday our dream will come true. ;)

  3. so true! Same goes for chuck taylors. You can never have enough different colors!

  4. Cool pics! I am like this with Converse, Have a sweet day!

  5. love these photos, especially the last one! i love vans as well :)

  6. The last ones are so pretty! I love that shade of blue. :)